Type: Built

Date: design 2019-2020, completed 2021

Locations: Murau, St. Lambrecht, Neumarkt, Mühlen, Oberwölz, St. Peter am Kammersberg, Krakaudorf, St. Georgen am Kreischberg, Turracher Höhe


Nine information pavilions built by the association for regional development „Holzwelt Murau“ in 2020 showcase the exceptional competence of the region’s wood-processing companies in Austria. The pavilions‘ elegant design features larch wood slats combined with stiffening wall panels that double as information surfaces. They also provide seating areas and shelters along hiking and biking trails. The Murau State Vocational School collaborated with the wood-processing companies and the Institute for Architecture and Media at Graz University of Technology to design the pavilions. The students from the university used a brand new Hundegger Robot Drive to experiment with digital wood processing. The pavilions demonstrate how digital processes can be used to showcase the peculiarities of wood as a building material. They highlight the region’s technical potential and advanced now-how in building with wood.

Client: Holzwelt Murau

Project Leader: Florian Fend

Assistants: Eleni Chatzatoglou, Emina Lozo

Structural Engineer: Bollinger+Grohmann

Construction Company: Holzbau Horn

Photos: Florian Fend, Tom Lamm